Marmouzic - Christofer Bjurström


Year after year, shortly

Pianist, composer, and improviser, Christofer Bjurström begun by studying classical piano and chamber music and moved later to different musical forms: pop music, traditionnal music, jazz, acoustic and electronic contemporary music and found a great pleasure in these eclectic explorations and meetings.

For more than fifteen years, he has been working on music for itself, but also for a large amount of time on the link between theatre, movies, and music, composing for theatre and movies, mainly silent movies for slient movies concerts.

He has initiated his own jazz groups, mainly Bjurström Sextet, since 1983, accompanied as a pianist several singers (Karin Trow and Eva Schwabe in their Kurt Weil/ Hanns Eisler shows, Annie Papin, Manu Lann Huel), and has written songs for Céline Caussimon and Annie Papin.

He has composed music for short films (Frédéric Tangy, from 1984 to 1997), stage music for different theatre companies since 1979 (Théâtre de la Mascara, Eric Frey in the Théâtre de l'Athénée, Daniel Mesguich, Jean Bollery, Jacques Destoop, Mychel Chénier, Guy Abgrall..).

From 1989, he has a growing interest in silent movies and has composed music to be played live for diffrent films: Buster Keaton's: "The General", "Steamboat Bill Junior", "College", G.W. Pabst's "Lulu", Raoul Walsh's "The Thief of Bagdad" with Douglas Fairbanks, "The Black Pirate", with Douglas Fairbanks, Jean Epstein's "La Belle Nivernaise" , J. de Baroncelli's "Pêcheur d'Islande", Robert Wiene's "The hands of Orlac", "The last man", by F.W. Murnau, etc... He has also composed music for young audience shows bringing together silent movies, music and theatre ("Tire la Bobinette et le Cinéma muet", "Le Vieux Réverbère", "Cinémachination", "le Voleur et la Princesse"). The silent movies scores are composed for different groups : percussions, cello, clarinets, saxophones, double basse..with Christofer Bjurström on the piano or harmonic flute. From a solo to a sextet, the musicians play during the film.

From 1999 to 2004, he organised the improvised music mettings "luisances" in Brest (with the Penn Ar Jazz association, which he contributed to founding) . Invited musicians : Michel Donéda, Ramon Lopez, Pascale Labbé, Jean Morière, Hughes Germain, Naomi Mutho, Christophe Havard, Julien Ottavi, Edward Perraud..).

In 2000, he joins the accordion player Jean-Pierre Yvert and fiddle-player Jacques Mayoud in the "Nord-Sud" group for a metting between scandinavian african traditional music and improvisation. (CD Encore une Valse, Buda Musique, 2001). With the story-teller Colette Avril,he creates the show "Des jours sang".

In 2003, he joins the "Short Connection" project, with Gualtiero Dazzi and Naab, a meeting between contemporary music and progressive music, between electronics and live improvised music. He also takes part in 2005-2006 in the recording of Daniel Palomo Vinuesa's CD "L'homme approximatif" (Signature Radio France).

Since 1997, he plays as a duo with clarinet player Christophe Rocher (CDs "On a marché sous la pluie" Marmouzic, 2001, and Bjurström-Rocher.. , Marmouzic, 2005) ), and plays solo piano (CD "Christofer Bjurström Piano Solo", Marmouzic, 2006). Next project is creating a new quartet (clarinet, cello, drums and piano) around his own compositions in 2008-2009, and also more silent movies music and stage music (new creations in 2007, 2008...).

With Christophe Rocher, Catherine Le Flochmoan and Bénédicte Abélard, he stands for Marmouzic, a record label and artistic "cooperative".